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MSG425 w6R60
MSG425 Enclosure - Rear
WSG1068 - Enclosure
6.8L Right Cutout
CSG637 with 6R80


The Cummins family has been in the engine distributors business with Ford Motor Co. for over 50 years. Glenn Jr., with his two sons; Glenn III and Jaime, own Engine Distributors, Inc. who service Ford industrial engines.


In 1958, Berglund Motor Co. formed a division (trading as Engine Distributors) to be a distributor for Ford Motor Co. industrial gasoline engines. Ford Motor Co. needed distributors to sell excess automobile engines in the industrial, agricultural and marine markets. Ford Power Products provided both the engines and the component parts needed to convert automotive engines to industrial or marine use. Glenn Cummins, Sr. was the General Manager of this division.


In 1970, Engine Distributors, Inc. (“EDI”) was formed as a subsidiary of Berglund Motor Co. with Glenn Cummins, Sr. as Vice President and General Manager. At that time EDI also became a distributor for the Crusader marine engine line. The primary market for Crusader marine engines are builders of boats utilizing inboard (as opposed to inboard/outboard) engines. EDI also provided parts, service and used engines for this market.


In 1976 EDI became a distributor for Deutz diesel engines to complement the Ford Motor Co. gasoline line. The Deutz engine is an air-cooled diesel engine from 5 to 250 HP manufactured in Germany.


In 1983, Glenn Cummins, Sr. purchased 100% of the stock for EDI and at that time the company became a Kubota engine distributor. Kubota is a Japanese liquid-cooled diesel engine from 5 to 50 HP.


The last decade plug starting in 2006 Engines Distributors Inc. became the Manufacturer of Record  (MOR) for the Ford Industrial product starting with the 2.3L gasoline and LPG engine. Since the launch of the 2.3L, EDI has added a 6.8L, 3.7L, 1.5L and 6.2L engines to our portfolio. Engine Distributors Inc. is the only Ford Industrial Engine Supplier that offers a complete range of EPA/CARB certified engines from 1.5 liters to 6.8Ls in displacement. 



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