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Quick Tips


Natural Gas Pressure: Keep a constant 11" H2O to the lock off valve. Even with correct pressure on an idle or non-running engine, the pressure has to be maintained while under load. If there is a significant drop in pressure once loaded, this means the fuel flow rate is not adequate and the regulator size needs to be examined. Refer to the fuel and power figures on the Home Page and look at the NG fuel consumption in ft^3/hr or BTU/hr. 

Gasoline Engines Vapor Lock!!! It is crucial to keep gasoline fuel lines and the tank properly distance from high heat sources. You can't route gasoline fuel lines with hydraulic lines, it just doesn't work.

For fuels other than natural gas, LPG, LP vapor and gasoline; please inquire with EDI if the engine can be configured to work with the fuel in question


Exhaust Leaks and external Oxygen cause false O2 sensor readings. Make sure all systems are closed and there is plenty of pipe after the post-catalyst sensor

Exhaust pipes should be made of 409 stainless steel or equivalent.

O2 exhaust sensors need to be installed at proper angles to prevent premature failures. (Refer to emission install instructions for spec)


Grounds are key to proper engine operation and long term unit electrical health. Minimum size of 1 gauge battery cables and the schematic needs to run from battery negative to the engine block then from the engine block to unpainted chassis ground. 

Multiple Types of Speed Control Available: Discrete speed (4 settable speeds), tap up / down (variable speed with a toggle switch), Speed control and foot pedal control (potentiometers), J1939 TSC1 control (CAN)

GCP is capable of displaying many of the commonly required CAN parameters (RPM, Coolant, Battery Voltage, Hours, etc..)

Only program the engine with the key on and the engine OFF. If you are changing CAN parameters; fully recycle the power after programming (disconnect the battery or the GCP itself)

If you need assistance with programming or fine tuning the gains of the engine, go to and install the software. We will give you access to our account so we can log on via the internet and view the GCP display from where ever you are at.

Having issues determining if OEM side or engine harness is causing an issue? Our 32350084 panel acts as a good break out box.​

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